Product Configurator

System Profile
System Layout
Trim Height

System Layouts

Application Environments

  • Administrative offices
  • Classrooms
  • Convention/Meeting Rooms
  • Department Stores/Boutiques
  • Executive Areas/Conference Areas/Board Rooms
  • Galleries/Exhibit Spaces
  • Guest Rooms/Suites
  • Mall Interior Spaces
  • Media Centers/Music Rooms/Libraries
  • Nurseries/Birthing Rooms
  • Patient Rooms
  • Reception and Lobbies

Product Description

Compositions Decorative Ceiling Clouds are a perfect complement to any space and come in a variety of attractive shapes and configurations, including rounded rectangles and squares ranging from 6'x6' to 12'x14'. Additionally, the trim appears virtually seamless thanks to minimal trim intersections and no corner trim intersections.

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