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Product Item Item Size Edge Profile NRC CAC LR Fire Class ASTM E1264 LEED Recycled Content** Material
Radar Ceramic Panels - 56644
USG - Radar™ Ceramic
2 ft x 2 ft x 5/8 in Square Edge 0.50 40 0.82 Firecode Type XX, Pattern CD 22.3% Ceramic-bonded Mineral Fiber Equal
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*All non-USG acoustical ceiling panels and their respective trademarks are the property of Armstrong World Industries and CertainTeed. USG does not claim any rights, hold liability, or provide technical support for these products.

** LEED Recycled Content per USGBC LEED MR4 calculation is the sum of 1/2 of Pre-Consumer (or Post-Industrial) recycled content plus Post-Consumer recycled content.