F Fissured Panels, Paper-Back - 132

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F Fissured Panels, Paper-Back - Item Number 132
Panel Color:
Panel Size: 2 ft x 2 ft x 3/4 in
Minimum Seismic Design Category:

Item Number Data - F Fissured Panels, Paper-Back - 132


Pre-Consumer Recycled Content 71%

Post-Consumer Recycled Content 0%

Total Recycled Content 71%

LEED® Recycled Content 35.5%

Brand "F" Fissured

Panel Price $$

Material Mineral Fiber

Texture Medium

Thermal Resistance R-1.7

ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics
ASTM E84 Flame Spread 25, ASTM E84 Smoke Developed 50

ASTM E1264 Type, Form, Pattern
Type III, Form 4, Pattern D

VOC Desc: Zero

Product Specs

  • Cast Mineral Fiber with painted finish: Cast Mineral-Base with painted finish Acoustical Panels for Acoustical Panel Ceiling
  • Standard Commercial Ceiling Panel Climatic Condition Range 60-85: Climatic Condition Range for this Standard Commercial Ceiling panel is 60-85°F (16-29°C) with a max 70% RH.
  • 1 Year Standard Ceiling Panel Warranty: Panel Warranty: When used with a USG Donn Brand suspension system, this panel has a 1 year warranty that it shall be free from manufacturing defects.

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